Palmerston Primary School Resources

Hello Palmerston Primary!

It has been an absolute blast being with you! While this project may be coming an end, that does not mean our paths will not cross again. 

The Creative Wellbeing at Palmerston Primary featured a whole school engagement to all things Creativity and Wellbeing. Within each workshop and through the creative activities pupils Explored wellness and their own wellbeing, Expressed themselves, their thoughts and feelings, and Exceeded expectations by embracing challenges and striving for personal growth.

Alongside the pupil workshops I have created a series of resources that can be utilised by you, the staff. 

These resources have been CPD is designed to foster an environment where expressive arts can improve wellbeing, and instil confidence in you to deliver and facilitate creative activity as a tool for change, a tool for learning and tool for expression.

Generously funded by Arts Council of Wales, Explore Grant.

Your resources are all linked below to help you, instructions are listed on the resource when needed, or included in the description. 

If you ever need any clarification, you can email me using


Paper-based Activities

Affirmation Colouring
Tongue Twisters
Affirmation Animals

Guided Youtube Activites

The Mindful Minute
Kumala Vista
Seated Serenity

Spotify - Positive Playlists

The power of music cannot be underestimated! The classes spend time putting together some of their favourite songs, so use them to start the day, build energy, and release dopamine.  

Check In / Check Out

Dynamic Games & Activities

Funky Chicken
Build a Picture
Hula Peopla
One Two Wooo

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