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A picture of Jordan Wilcox-Forse where he is directing a performance About.

About Jordan Wilcox-Forse

A Creative Practioner Excited about Arts, Wellbeing and Education

Ymarferydd Creadigol Cyffrous am y Celfyddydau, Lles a Addysg

I am a vivid and colourful personality continuing to champion community and participant collaboration, working across Wales.

As a Creative Practitioner, I centre my work within Arts, well-being and Education, where I endeavour to produce an experience that engages the communities I work within, championing inclusion, diversity and equity. 

As an artist, I thrive when exploring the potential of human behaviour, driven by using theatre and the arts to support Well-being and Wellness.

I use my writing to investigate my curiosities in utopian and dystopian genres, exploring the social, economic, environmental and political contexts.

As a theatre maker and producer, I am inspired by the communities that surround me and flourish when working alongside those communities, engaging them as curators of the arts, creating new, representative and engaging performances and art. 

I am the founding director of Pen and Paper Theatre Co, a small-scale arts organisation in South Wales, which has been recognised as an emerging leader within the Arts Industry.

Rwy’n bersonoliaeth fywiog a lliwgar sy’n parhau i hyrwyddo cydweithredu cymunedol a chyfranogwyr, gan weithio ledled Cymru.

Fel Ymarferydd Creadigol, rwy’n canolbwyntio fy ngwaith o fewn y Celfyddydau, lles ac Addysg, lle rwy’n ymdrechu i gynhyrchu profiad sy’n ennyn diddordeb y cymunedau rwy’n gweithio oddi mewn iddynt, gan hyrwyddo cynhwysiant, amrywiaeth a thegwch.

Fel artist, rwy’n ffynnu wrth archwilio potensial ymddygiad dynol, wedi’i yrru gan ddefnyddio theatr a’r celfyddydau i gefnogi Llesiant a Lles.

Rwy’n defnyddio fy ysgrifennu i ymchwilio i’m chwilfrydedd mewn genres iwtopaidd a dystopaidd, gan archwilio’r cyd-destunau cymdeithasol, economaidd, amgylcheddol a gwleidyddol.

Fel crëwr theatr a chynhyrchydd, rwy’n cael fy ysbrydoli gan y cymunedau sydd o’m cwmpas ac yn ffynnu wrth weithio ochr yn ochr â’r cymunedau hynny, gan eu cynnwys fel curaduron y celfyddydau, gan greu perfformiadau a chelfyddyd newydd, cynrychioliadol a difyr.

Fi yw cyfarwyddwyr sefydlu Pen and Paper Theatre Co, sefydliad celfyddydol ar raddfa fechan yn Ne Cymru, sydd wedi cael ei gydnabod fel arweinydd sy’n datblygu o fewn y Diwydiant Celfyddydau.

About my services

I am a creative practitioner with a passion for the arts, well-being, and education.

With my diverse background in theatre, drama, creative writing, and education, I offer a range of freelance services to support individuals, communities, and organisations in achieving their creative and well-being goals.

Whether you are an individual looking to develop your creative skills, a community organisation seeking to promote well-being and inclusion, or an arts organisation looking to produce new and exciting works, I am here to support you every step of the way.

Find out about my upcoming book…

Workshop Facilitator​

As a workshop facilitator, I design and deliver engaging and interactive workshops on topics such as creative writing, theatre, art, and well-being. My workshops are tailored to meet the needs of participants and can be delivered to individuals, schools, community centres, and other organisations.

Arts Educator

​​As an arts educator, I provide classes and courses in subjects such as drama, creative writing, and visual arts. My classes are designed to encourage creativity, self-expression, and personal growth, and are suitable for learners of all ages and abilities.

Arts Producer

As an arts producer, I work with emerging artists and companies to develop and produce new works of theatre, dance, or other performing arts. I offer support with marketing and fundraising, and help to ensure that each production reaches its full potential.

Creative Wellbeing Trainer

As a Creative Wellbeing Trainer, I support your organisation and your people to fully understand and adopt Creative Wellbeing principles. Providing practical skills to embedd a Creative Wellbeing approach to all areas of Wellness, Wellbeing and Safeguarding.

Arts Consultancy

As an arts consultant, I provide advice and support to arts organisations on topics such as programming, audience development, and fundraising. With my extensive experience in the arts industry, I am able to offer practical and effective solutions to help organisations grow and thrive.

Wellbeing Consultant

As a creative wellbeing consultant, I will support you and your organisations to embed an interactive and creative wellbeing strategy focused on growth, development and success. Using my knowledge and experience to create a tailor made programme.

I am also the Founding Director of Pen and Paper Theatre, developing a model for Creative Wellbeing for Everyone, with Everyone.


The session was well planned and engaging for the range of student ability. Students engaged well with Jordan who had a positive and uplifting approach with the students. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all participants.

Miss Toms

Llantwit Major Comprehensive

Working with Jordan has been an absolute delight. His passion, enthusiasm and knowledge for all things Creative Wellbeing left us inspired, enlightened and motivated to take positive action and change. I have nothing but admiration for him.

Gareth C.

Creative Wellbeing Training Participant

Jordan is brilliant. He assistant produced TheTalkingShop in Merthyr for us. We cannot recommend him highly enough. He is SO organised & a joy to work with. We just hope he’s still available when we need him again.

Yvonne Murphy

Omidaze Productions