A Dystopian Play

Grym.Power: A Dystopian Play 

"Sacrifice is a word that has many meanings, but at its core, it represents a willingness to put the needs of others above one's own. It is a recognition that our individual desires and aspirations must sometimes be set aside for the greater good."
Principal Magistrate
Paradise Valley

Grym.Power, a gritty, dystopian thriller set in Paradise Valley. A community in chaos, plagued by economic struggles, political instability, and crime. In a bid to restore order, the authorities have introduced the Enforcement Lottery. Sanctioned enforcements are granted at random, but at whose cost? Winners become figures celebrated for their sacrifices; Paradise Valley reaps the rewards.

Enforcement Handbook Point 4.3 – Discussing your enforcement with anyone is STRICTLY PROHIBITED, as accepted in your Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Haunted by the memory of her enforcement, Gwen, relives her struggles daily, plagued by the true cost of this political warfare.

Grym.Power: A Dystopian Play has undertaken an R&D.
Supported by Make It!, Valleys Kids.


Grym.Power has undertaken an R&D supported by Make It! and Valley Kids. This support allowed me to focus on two areas of the piece that I believe are most important – The Sound and The Power.

As part of the Commission Make It! are holding a Commission Tour which will showcase previews of all work in the programme, which you can attend: 

Grym.Valley is programmed to be shared on 6th and 7th June


Tuesday 6th June at Hopkinstown Hall (Pontypridd)

Wednesday 7th June at Soar Centre (Penygraig) BSL by Nez Parr

Thursday 8th June at Park and Dare (Treorchy) BSL by Emma Horton

Friday 9th June at YMa (Pontypridd) BSL by Emma Horton 

Tour sharings will start at 7pm, and the running time will be no longer than 2 hours.

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Grym.Power: A Dystopian Play R&D Cast and Creatives

Megan Gillard

Plays Gwen

A headshot of Meg - Josh - Grym.Power: A Dystopian Play

Danica Corns

Plays Principal Magistrate

Danica's headshot, she wheres a muticoloured top - Josh - Grym.Power: A Dystopian Play

Blank Face 

Sound Designer and Creator

A dark photograph of Josh Performing - Josh - Grym.Power: A Dystopian Play